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Cannon Fist

Cannon fist is an application exercise. It operates small circles in a fast, impulsive manner. The Demonstrated Simple Move is designed to enhance edurance, increase fluidity, and help perfect your form.

|Session - 1
1Six seals & four closures single whip
2Heart protecting fists
3Jump step oblique form
4Turn around Buddhas stamp
5Looking back shoulder strike

|Session - 2
6Cut hands, jump and turn
7Hidden hand jump punch & Elbow strike
8Large & Small arm and fist
9Fair lady operate shuttle Back ride dragon (Dao Ch

|Session - 3
10Wrapping fire cracker
11Elbow form & Splitting form
12Tame tiger
13Palm strike and Dragon stir water

|Session - 4
14Double Dash
15Swipe shin leg & Punch
16Two fists & strike down punch
17Cross step forearm strike

|Session - 5
18Big change Jump Turn around cannon fists
19Waist , Twist, heartelbow strike
20Turn in Buddah stamp
21Cannon Fist Whole Form