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Old Form

The old form is a beautiful set of movements, it demonstrate circles with different radius, directions and various speeds. It is a stepping stone to good Taichi.

|Session - 1
1Buddha Stamp
2Lazy about Grasping Robe
3Six Sealing and Four Closure
4Single Whip
52nd Buddha Stamp

|Session - 2
6White Goose Spread Wings
7Oblique Form
8Gathering Brush Knee & Step forward
92nd Oblique Form
10Hidden hand punch
113rd Buddha Stamp

|Session - 3
12Twist Shoulder Strike
13Blue Dragon Out of Water
14Both Hands Push
15Hand Below Elbow
16Twist Arm Retreat

|Session - 4
172nd White Goose Spreads Wings
18Flash back turns Hidden hand punch
192nd Six Sealing and Four Closure
20Cloud hands
21High Pat Horse

|Session - 5
22R&L Front kick
23Left Dash
24A Magic Grasp
25Double jump kick
26Heart Protecting Fist

|Session - 6
27Tornado Kick
28Right Dash Hidden Hand Punch
29Little Grasp and Hit
30Push The Mountain
313rd Six Sealing and Four Closure

|Session - 7
32Forward Brush Backward Brush
33Wild Horse Shakes Mane
34Fair Lady Jump as Shuttle
35Sweep Leg
36R&L Rooster Stand

|Session - 8
37Cross Kick Low Punch
38Monkey Pick Fruit
397th Single Whip
40Dragon Craw
41Up Step Seven Stars Back Step Ride the Tiger

|Session - 9
42Turn and Sweep Leg
43Cannon Forward Buddha Stamp
44Old Form Whole Form
45Following Instructor