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Small Form

The Small Form inherits the beauty of the Old Form but with a different style of presentation. The smaller circles and faster steps puts this form in a territory of its own.

|Session - 1
1Buddha Stamp
2lazy grasping rope
3Little Chin Na, the Transition
4single whip
5Buddha Stamp

|Session - 2
6White Goose Spread Wings
7Oblique Form, Brush Knee Move Forward
8Hidden Hand Punch
9Push Belly Palm, Twist Shoulder Strike
10Blue Dragon Out of Water, Fist Below Elbow

|Session - 3
11Twist Arm Retreat, White Goos Spread Whing and ..
12Flash Back Turns, Single Whip
13Cloud Hands

|Session - 4
14High Pat Horse, Right and Left Front Kicks
15Left Dash to Hit Ground Fist
16Turn Around Double Jump Heart Protecting Fists
17Split Hand Kick, Right Dash, Hidden Hand Punch
18Clap Belly, Push Mountain, Little Grasp, Single Whip

|Session - 5
19Forward, Backward Wave, Wild Horse Shakes Mane
20Jump Shuttle to Single Whip
21Sweep Leg and Split Fall
22Right and Left Rooster Stand, Kick up

|Session - 6
23Cross Kick Abdomen Punch
24Yellow Dragon Stand, Single Whip
25Flatten Rooster, Up Step Seven Stars, Back Step Ride Tiger
26Swip Leg Cannon Forward, Lift Hand Buddha Stamp
27Small Form Whole Form